Manage your dealership

Manage your AutoTrader Portal

With our integration to Autotrader, you're only a few clicks away from managing your entire inventory.

This includes things like:

  • uploading vehicles
  • viewing/editing live adverts
  • removing listings

You can also view vehicles on DealerPal after they've been removed from AutoTrader, giving you retrospective visibility of your inventory.

BCA Connectivity

With a few clicks, you can transfer purchased vehicles from your BCA account straight to AutoTrader.

We'll do the hard work for you by fetching the BCA images, copying the make and model, storing the cost of purchase and the auction fee.

DealerPal on iPhone

Expense Tracking

Say goodbye to manual record-keeping with this streamlined financial management.

Whether it's fuel, maintenance, or any other cost, our feature not only saves you time but also helps you make informed decisions to optimise your spending.

With an automatic Profit & Loss calculation, you can keep on track of your expenses with ease.

DealerPal on iPhone

Generate Invoices

Put that janky spreadsheet away - you can now generate PDF invoices for any of your cars.

Add your dealerships name, contact and logo once, and generate unlimited invoices for all your cars.

Ready to print, message, share or email at lightspeed.

Task Keeping

Our bespoke task list lets you and your team stay focused on what's important - assign pre-defined or custom tasks and tick them off one-by-one.

Check out the task list screen for an overview of all your remaining tasks - you'll never waste a minute of your day again.

DealerPal on iPhone

Unlock your business

Mobile DMS

£90/ month inc. VAT
  • DealerPal Platform
  • Up to 3 users
  • 24/7 support
  • Eligible for Retail Website Discount
  • Autotrader Leads

  • Excel Integration


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